CTA Summer Institute

CTA summer institute trainings

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Lesley Beth Curtis and Andrea Price have had the honor of presenting legal trainings for CTA members at CTA's annual Summer Institute on the UCLA Campus from 2014-2017.  Their trainings have covered Teacher Dismissal Proceedings, Disability Discrimination and the Reasonable Accommodation process.

Legal Right for Educators

Educators learning their legal rights in a classroom

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Lesley Beth Curtis presents on Rights and Risks for Teachers in various forums.  She conducted a Legal Rights training in Yuba City, California on November 13, 2018.  She also regularly presents on the Brown Act in an effort to demystify the Brown Act and to try to improve open communication between public boards and members of the public.  She presented on the Brown Act in Marysville in November, 2018.

Pincus Professionals: Administrative Law Hearings: A Practical Beginner's Guide

Event Date

Lesley Beth Curtis will again be part of a panel of experienced attorneys and current and/or retired Judges offering a two-day training on how to litigate administrative hearings in California.  The training included pre-hearing and post-hearing procedures.  This will be the fourth panel training Ms. Curtis will participate in for Pincus Professionals.