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We are building a platform to connect teachers and learners. Unlike platforms such as Uber or AirBnB L2C2P is distinguished by its ownership model. Instead of a few people at the top of our hierarchy reaping profits at the expense of under- or uncompensated participants, we are building a cooperative where both teachers and learners can acquire tokens that determine their level of ownership and decision making power.
Use Case Descriptions
We’ll be using and extending tools from the Etherium Platform and Aragon to tokenize sweat equity in developing our initial courseware. Even learners should have the ability to acquire tokens by engaging in certain types and levels of participation.

In the 1980s Small Systems Guild was a 60 member software worker owned cooperative founded by Dr. Ron Suarez that utilized an early form of tokens by awarding “guild points” to members in return for volunteer hours. … learn more

As we are building our own cooperative structures, the knowledge and skills developed will form the  basis of curricula for assisting others to grow and govern their own worker owned cooperatives. … learn more